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Clean, Safe, Reliable

Drinking Water for Everyone

is a goal shared
by everyone


But ask yourself:

How much do you really know about where your tap water comes from?

Who treats it, delivers it to your home, and ensures that it is safe?

How valuable is clean water to you and your family?

It can be easy for British Columbians to take tap water for granted.

We hope these videos provide a first step to understanding the true value of clean, safe drinking water in the Interior Health region.

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Our Water Sources and Types of Contamination

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Our Drinking Water Operators

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Public Health and Our Communities

Drinking Water in Interior Health:

An Assessment of Drinking Water Systems, Risks to Public Health, and Recommendations for Improvement

This report reviews the state of the drinking water systems in our region. It was made to support water system owners and operators. We hope water suppliers will use it to inform all users about the essential service they provide. We also hope it will encourage discussion with users and leaders on the value of clean, safe tap water and their community water system. Let’s work together to ensure that everyone has clean, safe drinking water.

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This report, written by a third party consultant, examines knowledge regarding safe drinking water among community members, water suppliers, water operators, and environmental health officers in our region.

It was made to inform our education resources and determine key topics and messages that our education resources need to address. We hope community members, water suppliers, and environmental health officers will use this report to inform their communities on their water systems, where their water comes from, the costs of ensuring that tap water is clean and safe.

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